First african forum of vocational training

Workshop 3
Vocational Training, Lever for Inclusion of Migrants and Factor of South-South Integration


21-22 DEC


The integration of African migrants through vocational training is at the core of this workshop entitled: “Vocational Training, a lever for migrant inclusion and factor of South-South integration “,where this issue will be discussed. Further questions will be raised to enrich the exchanges between the representatives from different countries and will consequently result inrecommendations for action..

The objective of the workshop is to trigger thinking around:

  • Highlighting the different mechanisms conducive to responding to the needs of African migrants;
  • The integration of migrants into Moroccan societies after a vocational training diploma;
  • The integration mechanisms of this target population through vocational training, including their support in their self-employment projects;
  • Sharing successful experiences in integrating migrants through entrepreneurship.


This topic will be tackled through the following main lines of reflection as main centerpieces for debate:

  1. Social inclusion schemes in vocational training: what are the existing mechanisms and how can they be made more effective and accessible in order to benefit a wider target audience? Successful experiences can fuel thinking;
  2. Systems of orientation, bridges and interaction between education and vocational training: how these mechanisms can help migrants to better match their skills with the labor market;
  3. Apprenticeship training, a catalyst for social and professional integration: how learning could benefit the population of African migrants (tools, mechanisms of care …);
  4. Entrepreneurship, real vector of integration: success story.


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