Premier Forum Africain sur la formation professionnelle

Workshop 5
Supporting the development of professions facing the challenges of climate change in Africa


21-22 DEC


In view of the challenges facing the vocational training sector in terms of adapting training to the skills required for the transition to a low-carbon economy, it is worthwhile launching discussions around the topic” Supporting the development of professions facing the challenges of climate change in Africa “.

During this workshop, speakers will present the experiences in their respective countries, the lessons learnt and the future prospects. The workshop aims at:

  • agreeing on a common understanding of climate change professions;
  • collecting and sharing relevant information and opinions on the state of professional skills related to occupations in connection with climate change as well as ongoing policies and programs that contribute to strengthening these skills;
  • identifying priority actions to improve and adapt the skills offer to the needs of the job market in terms of professions related to climate change;
  • identifying avenues of action that would enable vocational training systems in African countries to adapt their training offer to the requirements of climate change;
  • identifying bilateral and / or multilateral partnership projects for the development of South-South cooperation in this area.


This topic will be tackled through the following main lines of reflection as main centerpieces for debate:

  • Are these new emerging professions that need to be defined in terms of profile, type and characteristics, or just a modification of the profile of existing professions for there may or may not be a training offer?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of skills production systems in terms of adaptation and responsiveness in relation to changes in professions in general and those related to climate change in particular?
  • What are the commitments made by the countries to reinvigorate these systems to enable the skills of the existing professions (greening) to be adjusted and the assessment of new professions and associated skills brought in by the emerging value chains?


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